Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q How do I transfer the Tennis Captain database to another captain or computer?

A Follow the steps below:

1. Go to your Start Menu, then to Programs and Tennis Captain
2. Run the "COMPACT" program
3. Click on the COMPACT button (this shrinks your database down)
4. Copy c:\program files\tenniscaptain\altacap.mdb to a floppy
5. On your new computer (or the other, download Tennis Captain from :
6. install it on the new computer
7. copy the altacap.mdb file from your floppy onto your new computer in the
c:\program files\tenniscaptain folder, overwriting the existing altacap.mdb

Q After completing my lineup for week two, I tried to send my update my website (by clicking on the web icon). I received the following:
Could not change to "yourteam" folder. Make sure you have received confirmation of your website information from Tennis Captain staff. etc. What does this mean?

A In order to begin using your website, we need to setup your sub-webname. Email us your desired WEBNAME and PASSWORD. We will reply with a confirmation email.

Q I am a coordinator and need to track 60+ teams per season. Is there any help for me with Tennis Captain?

A Yes. Version 6.6.x will have features to aid coordinators in managing the large volume of player name input involved in setting up for a new season.
Email me for details.

Q Can Tennis Captain FAX the reports?

A Yes. First, you must have a fax modem and a driver installed that makes the fax-modem "look" like a printer.
Then, when you are in the Print Preview of any report, simply click on File | Print and you will be presented with a screen that will let you select your fax-modem as the output device.

Q Can Tennis Captain export the reports to an Adobe Acrobat .PDF file?

A Yes. First, you must have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. Then, when you are in the Print Preview of any report, simply click on File | Print and you will be presented with a screen that allows you to pick which printer you want to send the document to. Select your Adobe Acrobat "Printer" and it should prompt you for a filename, etc.

Q My question is that I'm the tennis Director at XYZ Country Club, I would like to input all the players that make up all of our teams for any particular season (about 3 womens USTA teams and 2 Mixed ALTA teams for Summer 99). Because I'm the director each of the captains of these teams would then sit down at my shop computer and come up with their levels team. As players need to be added we would do so. As each captain comes up with their roster I would let them know who is or isn't a Club member and what fees are to be paid. Then each season the captains would come in and go through the roster setup all over. Please let me know if this would work.

A Yes, this would work fine. Create a TC database called ALL_PLAYERS and put all Hidden Hills players into it. Then, as each team is formed, create a new database for each. For example, create a HH_A7_Men, an HH_B1_Women, etc. and use the IMPORT PLAYERS feature to import players from the ALL_PLAYERS database.

Note: The IMPORT feature may be in one of the versions that came after 6.3.2. You can upgrade for free on the website at

Q Why can't I delete a player who played in a previous season?

A There is a bunch of data linked to a player.

Here are the options:

1. Rename the player (someone may join your team - instead of adding him, just rename the old entry)
2. Go to each season and delete the player's entries for that season (only feasible if he played few seasons). Then you can delete the player.

I recommend option #1, rename.

Q Is there a way to "transfer" my copy of Tennis Captain to next season's captain?

A Yes. First, the new captain has to buy a license to use Tennis Captain (just like you did). Then, give the new captain a copy of your database. The database file is called altacap.mdb and is stored in the same folder your Tennis Captain application is in (usually \Program Files\Tennis) The new captain needs to overwrite his copy of altacap.mdb with the one you give him.

Q How are Forfeits handled?

A Forfeits should still be scored as a playing-win for the winning pair. For example, if your 2's Forfeited (i.e. lost) when the match score was 6-2, 4-4, then you must record them as losing the match (6-2,2-6,2-6 or something like that). Forfeits are too rare for me to go to great lengths to distinguish between a regular loss and a loss by forfeiting (due to injury or something). The only place these scores are used is on the Player Statistics reports. No other part of Tennis Captain uses them.

Q I haven't received my packet yet, but I want to setup my roster and player availability beforehand. Can this be done?

A Yes. In version 8.0.0, just add all your players via the PLAYERS screen and then click on "Print Roster". You will get a screen that shows all your players and allows you to highlight the players you want on the Roster Report.

In versions prior to 8.0.0, use the "New Season" button (i.e. the New Season wizard) to setup a "mock" season where you pick your team and any 7 other teams (it doesn't matter which teams you pick). During this process you will designate which players will be "on the roster". You can also go into Player Availability, on the Lineup screen, and set which of your players can play each week and print this out. Also, you can print out the Roster from the Reports tab. When you get your packet, go into the Lineup screen and click on the "Schedule" button and change the Teams (1 thru 8) and the pairings as needed. Your Player Availability and Roster information will NOT be harmed.

Q On the previous versions the program was keeping up with a number on the side of the player on how many games he/she has played.
Now they all have 0, even after the last two matches. What's wrong?

A 1. Make sure you have the latest version. 2. You must have scores entered for the players in the lineup for the prior weeks.
3. Note that the number of times played does not show up next to the name once the player is in the lineup for the current week.

Q I added a player in the player screen. I saved the change but the new player does not appear on my roster or on my players available screen.

A From the PLAYERS screen, click on "Add Player to Roster" which in the the bottom-center of the screen. Then, select the season you wish to add them to.
After adding a new player, go to the LINEUP screen and click on the SCHEDULE button. Then, click on PLAYERS FOR THIS SEASON at the top of the screen.
You should see your new player's name on the left side of the screen. Highlight his/her name by clicking once on it and then click on the arrow in the middle of the screen that points to the RIGHT (i.e. > ). Click on SAVE and then you should see the player in the Lineup screen. Also, be sure to check the Player Availability screen to set that player's availability for the season.

Q Do I have to delete players from last season (or Teams from last Season) when starting a new season?

A No. In fact, you are supposed to leave all the players and teams just as they are and ADD NEW INFORMATION.
Add any new players and teams for the next season.
Then, pick the teams for the new season in the dropdown boxes in the Schedule screen and
assign the players for the new season's roster by clicking on "Players for this Season" (on the Schedule screen)

Q I am having trouble setting up my season, i.e., Teams for Spring 99. I can't seem to activate the teams for this season.
All I get is my team re:Concourse Athletic Club in a black shaded box.
Also I upgraded and in the players section I am having trouble activating my current men players.
When I activate the box labeled "men only", all I get is one man from my mixed season, and he is not on my men's roster.

A On the Teams screen, make sure you have checked "Show for ALL Seasons/Years" If you do not see this, I recommend upgrading to the latest version immediately.
Players : what do you see when you click on "Show ALL" ? If the players appear, make sure you have set their GENDER correctly.
To assign players to the Roster, go into Schedule and select the tab called "Players for this Season"

Q Is there a way to e-mail all of the reports that we currently can only print? Is that something planned for the future?

A Not all reports. Most reports can be emailed, though. Reports that can be emailed will have an EMAIL button at the top center of the report screen when they are being previewed. Be sure to get the latest version so you can email as many reports as possible.

Q I am having trouble with the Tennis Captain software. I input half of my team about 2 weeks ago and input the other players today.
Only the initial players I input are showing up when I go to do the lineup. The ones input today are not showing as players.
It's like they are there but they aren't. They don't print out on the Spring roster but they print out on the other complete roster

A When you click on Print Roster, a screen pops up to allow you to select the Season. ONLY those players on the roster for that season will show up.
To put players on a Roster for a particular season, go to the Lineup screen, then Schedule, then click on the "Players for this Season" tab at the top right of the screen.
Move the players on the left box to the right box by using the arrow buttons in the middle.
Click SAVE when you are done.

Q How do I setup two different teams on one computer?

A You have to use 2 database files (altacap.mdb) and then, when you want to switch to the other database, you change using File | Open Database.

Here's how:

1. From the menu, select FILE, then NEW DATABASE

2. Type in the new database name and click the SAVE button.

3. When you want to switch between your original TC database and the new one, select FILE and then OPEN DATABASE.

Q Can I print the contents of the grids (e.g. Player Availability) in Tennis Captain?

A Yes; just right-click on any grid and then click "Print". You will also have the following options: Sorting, Find (i.e. Search), Copy to Clipboard

Q Which types of leagues does Tennis Captain support?

A ALTA Adult, ALTA Seniors, ALTA Juniors, USTA Adult, USTA Junior