Program Features
  • Create your own team website with the Create Web wizard.
  • Free team website hosting on  This means you get your very own "sub-website" at for FREE.  Tennis Captain automatically generates your webname based off of your team name and a four digit PIN number.
  • Supports the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association (ALTA) and USTA leagues, both adult and juniors
  • Supports ALTA Seniors
  • For ALTA leagues, prevents illegal lineups by enforcing the ALTA sandbagging rules
  • Our Division Analysis Grid allows you to easily see how any team performed against another.   This grid is printed on your weekly lineup report and the  division standings report.  Also, you can print the grid by right-clicking on it and choosing "Print.".
  • Email your entire team, or just a few players, with a click of the mouse!
  • Setup Player Availability - you can designate whether each player is available for play for each week of every season.
  • Maintains Tennis Facilities (i.e. opponent's locations); a list of all facilities in Atlanta is included - no need to type them in! 
    Of course, you can add your own!
  • Maintains Players information such as name, address, home/work phone, league numbers, email addresses and more.
  • Maintains Team (i.e. opponent's) information such as name, directions, captain/co-captain home/work phone and email addresses and more.
  • You can dial one of your players or an opposing captain/co-captain's phone number with a click from your mouse.
  • Maintains your Season Schedule - handles 7 and 8 team divisions.
  • Maintains your Lineups, Team scores, Match scores and your Player's statistics.
  • Lots of Reports

    Lineup - Hand out to your teammates each week. Includes everything your teammates need to know about the next match.

    Team Roster - a list of your team member's name, phone numbers and email addresses.

    Player Statistics - Results and winning percentages for each team member

    Player Statistics by Partner - Results and winning percentages for each team member, grouped by each player's partner.

    Player Statistics by Position - Results and winning percentages for each team member, grouped by each player's position.

    Divisional Results - Shows how each team has performed against the others, with the season schedule built in.

    Season Schedule - Shows all teams by team number, the season schedule, and the pairings (who plays whom).

    Season Results - Results of your team showing who played and what the result was, for each week of the current season.

    Player Ranking - For ALTA only, this report uses the ALTA coordinator's "formula" for determining the relative strength of each player to determine the position he or she must play in the playoffs.