FROM Danielle K. I love Tennis Captain. This is my 7th season captaining. Without TC I would be lost. I tell all new captains it's a "must have"! Keep up the good work!

FROM Wendy G. I LOVE your software and tell everyone I play with about it. It makes the administrivia of playing ALTA much easier... now if you would only come up with a program to assist with neighborhood politics... Seriously, it makes managing a team much easier. Thank you very much for improving it and letting us know about it.

FROM Doug M. TennisCaptain is an invaluable tool in my management arsenal. It is the "overhead smash" of team tracking systems. I highly recommend it.

FROM R.M. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how terrific the latest version of Tennis Captain really is. The current round of enhancements takes the product from a level of extremely helpful to absolutely indispensable. I wouldn't even want to captain another tennis team without this program. Great job!

FROM Nancy C. I have been using Tennis Captain for about 2 or 3 years now -- who knows all the seasons are starting to run together. I think it is great! I especially like e-mailing all my players instead of the constant phone calls. Now the web site will help that even more--especially if we have another hectic season with weather. The last 3 seasons we have been City Finalists. We won Mixed Doubles City Finals at C-2 last summer and B-8 this winter. Our business women's team was runner-ups last fall at B-8. We could not have done it without Tennis Captain.

From Ana L. Don, your latest version of Tennis Captain is exceptional. The E-mail option is a blessing and I love the Alta score card feature. I have been using T.C. since Version 1.0.2, now you up to version 8. Since that time my teams with the help of tennis captain have won 3 Atla BW Bag Tags, 1 BW runner-up Plate, 3 Mxd Bag Tags, 1 Mxd City Championship Tag & Plate, 2 USTA BW Bag Tags, and One USTA City Championship Tag & Plate. Please do not sell this program to my opponents.

From Sherry G. I've been on the computer since my last e-mail. I'm having a great time with my newest toy. I've already generated my newsletter for week 3. You definately got a program that is suited to "dummies". I love the little wizard. You have truely made my season a cinch. This thankless job, now has rewards, thanx to you. I'm Lovin' it. Thanx again, Sherry

From Missy B. I purchased the tennis captain software from you last Fall and have absolutely loved it. It has totally organized my tennis affairs and saved our team from losing points by helping me keep my line-ups legal.

From Regina D. WOW! Lots of improvement in this version, the little wizard guy is cute. Thanks! My husband and I have really enjoyed using this program the past seasons. We look forward to giving our team members their report cards again.

From Richard W. Just wanted to let you know that I recently installed the upgrade to Tennis Captain. You have done a great job in making the product easy to use, fun, and very good at meeting the needs of tennis captains here in Atlanta.

From Tom H. I have used Tennis Captain for about a year and a half and love it!

From Doug M. Thanks for sending me the TennisCaptain CD. You have done a superb job of designing the tool. Many thanks for putting Merlin in there. It made getting starting significantly easier than the previous version that I downloaded last year. I'm going to put the MS Access database that I developed and have been using for over a year in mothballs

From Heidi C. Don, thanks for all your help. Tennis captain is a blessing. My team thought I spent hours to complete our information paper and line up, I let them know that it was a snap due to your program.

From D.B. ...I feel you have done a great job with this product... Any captain not using this program is either missing out or does not do much with his/her team.

From Steve S. This has been a great program and I'm glad I purchased it. It has been very helpful with setting the lineups every week and especially being able to send out an e-mail to all the players. This has saved me considerable time on planning and keeping up with scores, positions and legal line-ups. I have recommended it to all the captains and co-captains I have met this season. ...thanks for this outstanding program.

From Patti F. I have been meaning to write you to tell you what a gift this program is. This is my team's 2nd season and I have used your program for both seasons. It has saved so much time and allowed me to be creative with our lineups. Our team wants to play everyone fairly and using the different window screens allows me to see how best to do that. Thanks for adding to the fun of being a captain!

From L.V. Hi! I LOVE my tennis Captain program! It has been invaluable when setting up line ups this season!

From Shari F. Thanks for a great product. It is especially good when I have to make a last minute lineup change. I just drop in the players and hit save to make sure I am legal! No more digging through past lineups!

From Kent C. I love it! It's going to be very helpful.

From Hugh K. Great tool for managing a tennis team. ...a happy new customer

From Beth I'm enjoying the program. My team is impressed! When I sent my team E-mail at the end of week one, I sent the report showing lineup for the next week, food for the next week, and standings.

From Mike D. Thanks so much! I've been telling everyone I see about your program as well as all the other captain's I meet. Continue the good work!

From Gaines H. Don, Thanks for keeping us posted on such a timely and regular basis. Compared to other software packages I've purchased, you're doing a great job! Anybody that doesn't appreciate the product itself and the service you are giving your users is crazy! I am into my second week of the fall men's alta season and I am getting a lot of benefit out of Tennis Captain. I have to do a fair amount of juggling in my lineup from week to week and this makes it a lot easier and I am e-mailing it to the players who have Internet E-mail accounts. The printed lineup report is also very nice and I have gotten good comments from the players on it. ....Thanks again for the great product and customer service!


From James M. I told some friends 2 years ago that this need existed - I'm thrilled someone is finally filling it - good luck

From Don S. This program is simply wonderful and extremely user friendly. I can now discard my old excel spreadsheet program I used, since your program truly is a complete database program that makes a Captain's job a whole lot easier. Also, my team members love all the statistics it generates. Good work Don!!!

From Michelle U. Don, I will compose a letter ASAP. This product is INCREDIBLE! Thanks so much for thinking of the stressed out captains! Your friend & Biggest "word-of-mouth" Sales Person!

From Lyra V. Hi! I am trying out your software! I downloaded last night after getting your flyer at the ALTA meeting yesterday ( Sunday). I am really impressed! ....Thanks for coming up with this and HURRY to get it ready for Juniors. I was telling someone about it today that is involved with Jrs. and she was very excited!

From Jim S. This is only my second season of playing and I was a little nervous about becoming the captain. With Tennis Captain it has made it so much easier. It's a great program, thanks so much!

From Bobby H. This program is a godsend, thanks for putting it together. It sure made being captain easier this season

From David B. Don, great program. have you ever thought of advertising in Net news to promote your program? ...Thanks for putting it all together. I think you have a winner.

From Stan K. Probably not enough people take the time to thank you for the hard work you do with this program. I wanted you to know that I appreciate your efforts. I really enjoyed my first season using the software. Definitely made my job easier. Thanks.

From Anna L. I think this program is great.

From Don S. Don: Your program is very popular in our house. My wife is also a captain and she was wondering if she could use the program I purchased from you for her team also?

From Regina D. Don, Thanks for the message regarding the change in price for the Tennis Captain. The program is excellent!

From Bob K. Don, Don't worry about the refund! You deserve it for all the work you've done on the program! Bob

From Karen A. Dear Don, Thank you for your creativity! Sincerely, Karen

From Jody P. Don, I want to let you know that I am enjoying the Tennis Captain program very much. I think it is probably the best $20 I have spent for any program I have bought. I guess I could have kept on using Excel but I would not be able to track and organize like TC does. ...I think that overall TC is a great program even though it seems geared more towards ALTA than USTA. (Like the help it gives for playoff lineups). That of course is not bad but we are more interested in USTA at this time. Thanks, Jody

From Katie C. Thanks for the trial software - I have been a programmer for 24 years and always wanted to do this ! It is a lifesaver - I have been a captain since 1981, but still need new ideas for organizing the team. -- Katie

From George V. We used Tennis Captain this season. It really helped keep things organized and team members informed. I knew who was available and how many plays each person had. It is a team sport and everybody plays. I like the partner's stats. I entered last season's results and used that info with this season's to help setup who plays with who. We will be using TC with ALTA this season maybe it will help. Thanks for the time you've put in to this and all the updates. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK. George

From Pat O. Don, Your program was big help this past season. My men's team captain will most likely make a purchase over the next couple of weeks. We just got back in from the City Finals. Our team Belmont @ Park Bridge won the B-1 championship. Pat